Will You Eradicate
Domestic Violence
in Marion County?

It is our belief that through education and awareness, we can forever change the current state of domestic violence and sexual assault in our local community. YOU are vital to this mission!

What Can I Do?

Fear Should NOT Be a Way of Life.

Ocala Domestic Violence Center Reported That

Within Our Community in 2017:

Deaths from Domestic Violence in 2017. TWe have 10 deaths from Domestic Violence as of April 2018
rape victims called the hotline, only 68 rape exams were completed by staff at the DV/SA Center
Domestic Violence victims and their children received safe shelter and services at our local shelter
people who were victims of domestic violence called the hotline
Interviews With Women From Our Community

"Our Stories"

Nobody Will Ever Hurt You Again

Ignite is a group of local business women whose intent is to eradicate domestic abuse/violence in Marion County, Florida. We do this by raising funds for Marion County‚Äôs Domestic Violence/Sexual …